Friday, July 18, 2014

Urban Sketching in Barcelona and Grenada, Spain

This first one is from Grenada.  This was the view from our rooftop terrace.  Below is some of the initial sketching I did on the subject too, as I got to know the subject.

I didn't do much sketching in Barcelona-- just a day or two.  I did more plein air painting, but was unsatisfied with the work.  I decided to go back to basics, and work on my value studies first-- creating the composition, learning the subject in and out, etc. Then, when I went to go do some paintings, I could improvise a bit more, as I had a more thorough understanding of the image.

These are some of the other skethes I did-- Barcelona first, then an additional one form Grenada.

This is the view from the cafe where we often went for breakfast in Grenada.  A great view of the Alhambra in the distance, and real busy in the mornings.  The Quatro Gatos was a great place to sit and soak the sun up.

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