Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Children's Art- Recent Character Doodles

I've actually been playing around with a lot of approaches-- some inked, some ink brown ink, some in a rough pencil, some real light, some only in pencil with no color, etc. I thought I'd share these.

First, "Big Men do tai chi too"-- digital ink

Second, "The Grumpy Farmer"- in digital charcoal and watercolor

Third, "Little Girl Rules the Roost"- trying out thicker line weight

Digital Watercolors- The Creek

Did this earlier this month. I'm building a set of brushes in Paint Tool Sai, and like to work on a real image as I play with the effects. This came out pretty watery, which was nice.

Children's Art- A Girl and Her Dragon

I inked this over the weekend, then imported it and colored it digitally. This is a rough sketch idea for the same story, "Dandelion and Clover", about a little girl and her dragon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Children's Art- Little Girl on a Hill

Been a few weeks since I last posted, but I've been active. There should be a flurry of posts in the next few days-- mostly poems and paintings.

This one was done entirely on the computer, though I've been playing around a lot with textures that emulate watercolors and rough pencil sketches. This one started as a cloud doodle and went from there. I've been fishing around for how to visualize a recent story I wrote called "Dandelion and Clover" about a little girl and her dragon, who eats the dandelion puffs made from wishes. This was one of the thoughts.