Sunday, January 5, 2014

Watercolors and sketching in Yosemite

Over the holidays, we went on a trip to Yosemite. I brought my stuff and did some sketching with a new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  I LOVED this thing!  Has an ink cartridge, but comes with actual (synthetic) bristles.  Very repsonsive.  Provides a nice variety of line width, as well as some nice bristly dry brush work, etc. I also did a plein air watercolor piece while I was out in one of the meadows.

Here's the plein air watercolor sketch (perhaps 9"x9")-


And here are some of the ink sketches I did--
Yosemite Falls in the winter-

Various scenes from the valley-

and some quick sketches of people in one of the cafes.  

A good time was had.  I've not sketched so much in a long time.  :)  The valley in the winter is wonderful.  Practically deserted.  Cold and quiet.  Parking's a breeze too!  LOL!

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  1. Hi Steve, these are a joy to see! ... Very loose and "airy" especially the first which gives a great sense of sky and space and an organic pattern of local color ... I'll have to look for those Pentel brushes, I've been using the Pigma Brush set for an occasional accent on an ink painting, but don't use them as you've done here ... The black & whites look great too! ... Especially the cafe scene, I'm trying to figure out which is a self-portrait, haha ...