Saturday, February 2, 2013

Digital Watercolors- "The Bridge"

I had some time to play the other night, and produced this.  I shared it on the Artrage forum, but it should be new to everyone else.  All digital.  Perhaps 45 minutes play time.  All done in Artrage 3.5


  1. Wow! I was like, "Who made this?" I forgot I subscribed to your blog. Absolutely love it, Stephen!

  2. Thanks Romelle. This was fun to make. No "work" at all.

    One of the things I've had a difficult time with is that I really love making work like this, but haven't yet figured out how to integrate it into the picture book stuff I do. I'm working on some illustrations now though, for Dandelion and Clover, that are pretty wet and loose like this, so we'll see how it goes. I'll post 'em when I get a few done. But I'd like to get the PB stuff to as free and exploratory as my other stuff. That's the process that really excites me to be part of.

  3. Excellent work. Pushing the envelope of digital water-coloring.

  4. I have been following you on Artrage Forum, Tablet PC Forum and here recently, and am constantly amazed at your digital water-colors. Cannot wait to see your water-coloring applied to your illustrative work!

  5. Hi to Stewart and SJ! Thanks so much for coming to my blog and posting. It's always very nice to hear back from people who visit. It's not so common. And I'm glad to hear that you've seen some of the activity at the Artage forums. Yeah! :) I'm looking forward to everyone having the chance to play with AR 4.