Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pen Only Sai Add-on

I'm nearing completion for building this out.  This is what Sai looks like on my computer when I run.  A very clean interface, that I'm hoping to offer to others.  If you're interested, please comment or contact me.  :)


  1. Hey, looks interesting. I´m using FunkyBar( which probably do the same, but I can´t toogle windows like your tool. Are you able to hide/show panels through keyboard shortcut too?

    Anyway. It´s a nice addition to SAI.

  2. Oh, FunkyBar is pretty cool. I know it tool. There's also ModLock whic is a great tool.

    This tool allows you the Hover Icons because it's built specific to Sai, which I've really enjoyed using. They're not linked to a key command, but that's an interesting idea I've not explored. Currently, you just scroll over them with your pen and up pops the full Panel UI. Do what you want, leave the panel, and it shrinks back down to the Hover Icon. You can also grab and move the panels whereever you want on screen, to allow you easier access or a cleaner work space. You can also hide ones you don't use too, for instance.

    The toolbar itself is pretty similar to something like Funky Bar. FunkyBar is clearly more modular and modifiable, so that's pretty awesome on that account. This one does offer a host of commonly used pen-centric commands.

    It also lets you bind the Pan tool to your right-click button (or not, there's a UI to remove the option), and a special zoom and tool resize UI that pops up with your upper button.

    It's a nice tool. I hadn't thought of it, but you could use it in conjunction with FunkyBar too. You can load up the addon, set up your Hover Icons and right-click to Pan, etc., then minimize it to your tray and use FunkyBar for your toolbar if you wanted. It's pretty flexible.

    I'm planning on making a video to demo it.

  3. Ok. Looks nice. Just let us know when you have the tool for download/testing. ;-)

  4. Hi Steve ! Karen here, if I can test I would be happy to help.

    Looks amazing!